still no meaningful  progress, just a couple of cylindrical object tests. below is a screen shoot showing that the scene rendered using a pretty low GPU. On resolution 1024 x 512 i got about 12 FPS. so bad in performance. Tested on nvidia gtx 980 for about 200+ fps. Pretty satisfying for next gen hardware. I need to add that this rendering system literally takes less than 1% CPU. that makes a big plus. if i build a threading system around this, i can have a pretty decent game engine. 20161212

See bellow. A cylinder can look really nice. I bake a high polygon model in blender. chop it to several pieces, bake the displacement maps on to textures using cylindrical projection, then put them together in c++. you can still notice the low FPS due to the same low performance integrated graphic card i’m using. Well feels like tessellation without geometry shader. if you look closely you will notice that the shadow still wrong. 20161212b

below are the Indian temple texture i previously use. this scene made out of cubes and one sphere. the stat on the upper left corner says 2 draw calls and 11 objects. basically i implemented composite type object, where objects are grouped together to minimize draw call, and decreasing render target switching. 20161212c

full size images image1 image2 image3