Before i start, i’d like to clarify about “3d texture”. in my rendering code there is no actual 3D texture. what i call 3D texture here means one large ordinary texture, so if i write 32x32x32, it means the actual texture is 32×1024, in my opinion it is 3D, it just being represented in an uncommon way perhaps? So i have 2D slices of object, from the bottom all the way up to the tip, each slices are 32×32 pixels in dimension, and i arrange those slices in one big texture. Lets begin.

Picture below shows the 3D texture rendering LOL. I’m really sorry that the result are not as you might expected, well i’m still thinking it’s rather interesting though. It is just my laptop could not handle editing and rendering high polygon blender scene. Blender rendering becomes really slow because i have to clip the high poly 3D model using boolean operation which are animated as the camera moves from the bottom of the object all the way up to the tip, especially the editing part, it is really slow to move the clipping cube, check the clipping result and back again adjusting it’s position. So, in order to speed things up, i have to lower the resolution of the render target image down to 32 pixels, this only speed’s up the rendering process, editing still slow. After the rendering finish i have a 32x32x32 texture that then i feed up to my volume renderer in irrlicht.


below, another example of baked 3D texture being rendered. I use the same resolution 32x32x32. all the detail i’m expecting are gone because of insufficient resolution. Probably some other time when i have decent hardware i will bake higher resolution texture.