I think to keep spirit up on the volumetric rendering experiments why don’t make a game out of it. The current state are still in experimental. Tings still has glitch here and there, but i think they look rather nice. So here is my new game called blades of Triangulum.

This game is about greatsword duel between alien, took place in a unknown planet located in the Triangulum galaxy. The plan is to adopt Babylonian architecture for buildings, humanoid reptilian with scaly exoskeleton as the inhabitant, underwater like plants, and biologic based technology.  For the game mechanic, medieval swords fighting became the main influence for the animation.

here is the title screen looks like. a volcanic plains, by the way the logo is a bit awkward and about to be replaced.


versus mode, as seen below the character are rendered using view aligned slices. Not that good i guess, but rather a unique one. nice bumps every where, thanks to the volumetric rendering, even the slices are visible, the character definition are as sharp as ever.


with brutal light count, color, and placement, extreme geometry are well exposed thanks to the deferred rendering, a lot of light probes can be used.


in game screen shoot, 2 volumetric character about to cut each other


one giant leap towards victory


below, foot work in action. where the attack going to land, how to avoid being hit, or how to parry, all based on the foot work mechanic.


below, computer kills player.


below, player kill computer player


below, RPG like 6 slot customization. the equipments changes character’s appearance and the underlying stats that makes characters different between one and another. beside stats equipments also alter character’s move list, for example, a “trickster blade” can pull more advance tricks but no power or speed based techniques, etc


character below is considered as freedom fighter character. minimum armor with advance sword.


character below is an example of a noble alien. with imperial armor, and a basic Orthodox sword


thanks for reading, leave a comment if you are interested in this game