some fix on the rendering. here are screen shots of the gbuffers. some still not right. anyway, they are, color buffer, position, material attributes, normals, depth, fake reflection, shadow, and emissivity based bloom.

with all these new improvements the rendering looks a lot different especially the glowing part, light sabers now looks much better although stages still looks empty.

so, how much the game has changed this whole three months ? well a lot has hapens. below is one of the very early playable state. the lighting are so much different. behind those red armor the character are still pretty much human, the swords are still authentic medieval swords.


below is the very early character design. as the first idea of the game creation, that the game will be about duel between medieval noble in shining ceremonial armor. in the vision to show supper complex decorated armor with varying material visible carvings etc. in the development process they proven not enough to show a complex character due to the uniform metallic material and small carvings not being visible from var distance LOL.


below is another example of what I’ve been iterating. a knight in chainmail and a pot helmet, pretty cool eh?


below another iteration of robotic character. this one ends up in 2 of the characters in the final game rooster.


below is the final character design. fully sculpted in blender. the end result is different from the sculpted model, because in the middle of programming the character i think it will looks way better if i make a action figure style character. with visible joints and stuff. those vocal carvings are going to pop real good in volume rendering.


next post i will show you some sound tracks, may be gameplay video. thank you for reading.